The revised GRE measures verbal reasoning ,quantitative reasoning , critical thinking and analytical writing skills , skills that have been identified as critical for success in graduate and business schools .

The test contains two Analytical Writing tasks , two Verbal Reasoning sections and two Quantitative Reasoning sections . Total testing time is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes . The Analytical Writing tasks are always presented first .

Before taking the test , it is important to become familiar with the content and the pattern .
The tasks in the Analytical Writing measure relate to a broad range of subjects , from fine arts and humanities to social and physical sciences , but does not test an individual’s specific content knowledge as such .

The Verbal Reasoning test measures your ability to analyse and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it , analyse relationships among component parts of sentences and recognize relationships among words and concepts .

About half of the test requires you to read passages and answer questions on it .The other half requires you to read , interpret and complete existing sentences , groups of sentences or paragraphs . The Verbal Reasoning measure contains three types of questions

. Reading Comprehension questions
. Text Completion questions , and
. Sentence Equivalence questions

The Quantitative Reasoning measures your basic mathematical skills , understanding of elementary mathematical concepts and ability to reason quantitatively and to model and solve problems with quantitative methods . The skills , concepts and abilities are tested in the 4 content areas , namely , Arithmetic topics , Algebra topics , Geometry topics and Data Analysis topics .

Scores :

The scores for the GRE revised General Test include

. a Verbal Reasoning score reported on a new 130 – 170 score scale , in one- point

. a Quantitative Reasoning score reported on a new 130 – 170 score scale , in one-
point increments and

. an Analytical Writing score reported on a 0 – 6 score scale in half- point increments

Score reporting is cumulative . Scores are reportable for five testing years following the testing year in which you are tested . All scores earned during this time will be reported to the institutions you designate .

Morning, Evening and Sunday / Holiday batches, apart from regular batches