Pearson  Test Of  English  ( PTE )


Pearson  Test Of  English  ( PTE ) is an online English test developed by Pearson, the world’s leading education company , which measures your reading ,writing , speaking and listening skills very accurately . The score is accepted at many of the educational institutions and professional and government organizations across the world as a support to your application where English is the medium of study .


PTE  Academic  has been developed in accordance with the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of References ( CEF Or CEFR ; Council of Europe , 2001 ) .Test items are internationally approved to ensure that the test is representative of and measures international academic English .


PTE believes that language skills do not happen in isolation and hence to test how well you can use the language of English communication, both oral and written . PTE tests are therefore , task based  and asks you to demonstrate your understanding of a passage by providing a written summary , while another tests your understanding of a lecture by asking you to retell , or describe in your own words  a picture or a graphical information, and so on …


In academic settings, it is important that you understand a wide vartiety of spoken language across different situations . You need to follow different modes of lectures such as audio, video and audio visual . despite differences in accent and delivery speed .


The test will last approximately three hours . This includes an untimed introduction to the test , and one  optional break of upto 10 minutes .


After taking the test , your scores are available normally within five business days from the date of the test   . The tests can be taken as often as you wish , but only one test can be scheduled at a time . Subsequent tests can be scheduled immediately after you receive your scores.If you take the test more than once, you can select which score to send to an institution .


All items in the PTE Academic are machine scored . Scores for some item types are based on correctness alone , while others are centred on correctness , formal aspects and the quality of your response .


Types of Scoring


There are two types of scoring :

Correct or incorrect , and Partial credit

Experience suggest that most universities in the UK , US and Australia require for

. under graduate studies  , a minimum score between 51 and 61

. post graduate studies , a minimum score between 57 and 67

. MBA studies , a minimum score between 59 and 69

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