Most colleges and universities require applicants to take some sort of an entrance examination . In fact , more than two million students take SAT yearly . ( Many find it advantageous to take the test multiple times , lessening their levels of anxiety with each undertaking )  It is , in fact , the gateway to an admission to one of the top Universities. 

The SAT is divided into three major sections .


Question type

Approx. Nos

Time allotted

Critical Reading

Sentence completion

Short and extended Passage






70 minutes, consisting

two 25 minute and

and one 20 minute section

A total of 3 hours and 45 minutes is allocated to complete the test.

 One of the sections is called a variable section . It will be included in either Critical Reading , Writing or Math for which 25 minute is allocated . Even though this section does not count towards your score , you wont be able to determine which section is being piloted . Each question goes through an exacting review at least 12 times before appearing on an actual live test .

 Becoming familiar with the types and format of questions will help you save time when you actually face the test . As the SAT is a timed test , be sure to give yourselves ample time in each section .

 Each test taker has particular strengths . After taking the sample tests analyze your personal strength and then arrive at the score . You may work in any order , so long as you stay within the section being tested .

Educative guessing may be used as it adds to score if answer is right and is a very valuable tool .

After all , the SAT is designed to measure one’s ability to differentiate between two seemingly correct answers , based upon both experimental and vicarious historical knowledge .