The Test Of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL ) is an examination of the Educational Testing Service(ETS)and is used to evaluate a non native English speaker ‘s

proficiency in the English language . The TOEFL test is the most highly regarded and widely accepted test in the world .More than 6000 colleges , universities and agencies in 130 countries accept TOEFL scores . More than 22 million people have taken the test since 1964 .

Many North American colleges and Universities , as well as many institutions require satisfactory TOEFL score for their under graduate , graduate and post graduate programmes .

Whether you take the Internet based , computer based or paper based TOEFL test will depend on where you live or the circumstances under which you are taking the test .

The TOEFL –iBT test will be administered on fixed dates in a network of secure Internet

based test centres .Most Colleges and Universities accept only the official score report received directly from the ETS. You may designate upto four institutions you would like your score to be sent to.You may also order additional score reports. Your scores will be sent to you and to your designated receipients 15 business days after you take the test.

The total time for TOEFL test is approximately four hours.

Unlike the computer based and paper based tests , you can take the TOEFL iBT test as many times as it is given. However, Colleges and Universities usually consider only the more recent score. ETS keeps records of scores for  two years. If your score is more than two years old, you will probably have to take the test again.

The TOEFL Information and Registration Buelletin  is available, and it includes  the necessary registration forms and the instructions , as well as information concerning methods of payment , testing centres etc . The Bulletin can be downloaded from the ETS

website  http : //


TOEFL iBT Test Format


The TOEFL iBT consists of  four sections as below


Section        Number Of Passages.     Number  Of Tasks Or            Answering time

Questions Per Passage


Reading             3 – 5                             12- 14                                 60-100  minutes


Listening           4 –  6 lectures                   6                                      60 – 90  minutes

2 – 3 conversations           5


Break                                                                                                  10 minutes


Speaking          6     tasks                          6                                       20    minutes

2 independent and

4 integrated


Writing           2   tasks

1 integrated and              2                                       20   minutes

1 independent                                                          30   minutes




Each section of the TOEFL iBT  test is  scored separately .The number of points received for each section  is converted to a scaled score of 0 – 30 ,  for a combined total possible score of 120 , as below:


Reading         0- 30

Listening       0- 30

Speaking       0- 30

Writing         0- 30


Total             0-120


In the Reading  and Listening sections, most questions are worth one point . Chart and  Summary questions are worth more than one point


Each Speaking task is worth 4 points and each Writing task is worth 5 points.